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Hi, I’m Angela Fitriadi, the owner and founder of KarmaKids Grow since 2013

I care about providing environmental education for kids that helps them to respect and support our environment and grow into caring, responsible members of the community.

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I began with the Magical Garden Creatures Show and Workshops and so loved seeing young children get excited about gardening that I was inspired to expand and create lots more resources, activities and workshops that meet the needs of the curriculum’s Environmental Module.

We now offer online environmental resources to childcare providers all over Australia, and a full support pack to the area of Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, in addition to our show and workshops.

My enthusiasm for gardening and the environment shoots off in all directions as I keep improving my knowledge along the way; observing and taking inspiration from my work and that of others to learn more all the time. I love finding solutions to problems that can help with issues in the education environment, then incorporating my discoveries into my teaching so that we can continue to better our programs.

At the root of all this, I’m totally committed to making sure that environmental education is fun for children and for those who are teaching them too!

Angela Fitriadi's magical garden creature show
Kindergarten Child planting in the garden
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“It was a wonderful show, some really great ideas…the children just loved it!”

Paris - Educator, Play and Learn Cornubia


We're Giving Back

We’re a business that loves to give back to the community and it gives me a huge amount of joy to support charities and organisations that are working towards caring for the community and the health of our planet.

Each year Little Garden Growers provides support to both a local childcare centre and an international children’s charity through our Grow to Give program. I love this aspect of my business and it’s an area that I pledge to develop further as I strive to make a difference in this world.

I came up with the idea after visiting the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage in Bali, so that I could support them in their efforts to provide daily food and assist with the implementation of various programs.

Originally we donated $500 to a local early learning centre and $500 to a global charitable organisation each year, but as we raised more with our services and products, we wanted to give more!

We now donate a percentage of our annual profit to an international charity, and provide a prize draw each year for the childcare centres we work with to help provide environmental education for their kids.

So a big thank you to all the childcare centres who have helped us raise money for our Give to Grow program so far, we’re very happy to be working with you!


To date we’ve supported each of the below charities:

Global Charities 



$500 to provide music and computer classes

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$500 donation - your support allowed us to change the lives of children in Africa.



$500 of art & craft supplies for their pre-school.



$500 to purchase 2 ‘School In A Box’ kits to teach up to 80 children per kit in a refugee camp.

Local Early Learning Centres

Local centres who’ve received items from us to improve their environmental programs for kids include:

2013 : Goodstart Early Learning Centre Monterey Keys

2014 : Pandas Childcare Centre Elanora

2015 : Sun Kids Burleigh

2016 : Smiley Tots Chinderah

     2017: Finger Prints Children's Centre Worongary

2018: Goodstart Early Learning Robertson

2018 Prize Draw

In 2018 each childcare centre to order an Environmental Education Support Pack or book a Show and Workshop is automatically entered into our prize draw to win a fabulous Garden Prize.

Be in it to win it!

What’s inside the Environmental Education Support Pack?


“We aim to promote and support environmental education and activities so that everyone involved is inspired by the learning experience, and by doing so create a cascading effect that contributes to a healthier planet for everyone.”


We want to see our current and future generations showing consideration and respect for the environment, taking pride in using their skills and knowledge to care for the earth, sharing their experience and helping others to do the same.

We will support our local community and the global community in environmental education with programs, activities and resources that make learning about environment and sustainability easier, more interesting and more fun, so that educators enjoy getting involved and feel enthusiastic about teaching these subjects.

We will continue to help childcare centres and care facilities by providing the programs, resources and support for them to take control of their environment and sustainability programs with ease.

We will help children become confident little growers and inspire them to continue learning about and taking care of the outdoor environment.

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